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Seasonal variations play a major role in the animal kingdom—in reproduction, food availability, hibernation, even fur color. Whether this seasonality has such a significant influence on humans, however, is an open question. Its best-known association is with mood—that is, feeling down during the colder months and up in the summer—and, in extreme cases, seasonal depression, a phenomenon known as seasonal affective disorder SAD. Scientists have previously found seasonal variation in the levels and concentrations of certain compounds associated with mood including dopamine and serotonin , conception and even mortality.

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These findings come at a time when some scientists are disputing the links between seasonality and mental health. During this time they underwent a cycle of sleep deprivation and recovery in the absence of seasonal cues such as natural light, time information and social interaction. The second assessed working memory, a more complex function that requires information storage and decision-making, by presenting a series of letters to participants and asking them to state whether each letter was the same as the letter that had appeared three turns earlier.

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