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Beginning with this configuration, a number of fertile collaborations and exchanges were developed with university, scientific and economic partners, and with art schools located in littoral territories abroad: Scotland, Ireland, Holland, the Scandinavian countries, the Iberian peninsula, the Atlantic coasts on both sides of the ocean, in both hemispheres, etc. It proposes to work beginning with the zones of contact between contemporary art and the humanities, to question and map practices of engagement in Brittany, imagined as an eccentric territory - in a physical and symbolic sense.

Is interested in human experiences, the history of resistance, struggles, trades, the unique life in the Breton territory - and their resonance with other experiences, both in France and abroad, as well as in forms of artistic re-appropriation of these particular struggles. During the three days, two evenings of projection take place in Brest and Quimper in collaboration with the cinematheque of Brittany.

The following school year, an encounter is planned in the same conditions as the first year spring The final year will be dedicated to the creation of one or two exhibitions and a catalogue with the partners: Le Quartier at Quimper and Gwinzegual at Guingamp. Public works "Travaux publics" Public works wishes to illuminate the notion of public space in which a number of artists work. Is public space still, and was it ever, a space where individuals gather, exchange and pool their points of view to build a community?

Has it been definitively reduced to the spectacle of the political stage? How can urban space be activated so that true public spaces emerge? Public space in the city has literally become that of commerce and the exhibition of capital. The street is no longer the space of the encounter but that of consumption.