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Primary Muscle. Nerve Root. Please rate topic.

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  • Examination of the Spine. Information about spine exams. Patient | Patient.
  • How important is this topic for board examinations? How important is this topic for clinical practice? No, Thanks Submit. Essential Core Tested Community All. Sort by. All Videos 1 Podcasts 0. Upgrade to View Premium Videos. There are some easy commands for checking these. Lateral flexion: place your ear on your shoulder; rotation: look over your shoulder; flexion: put your chin on your chest; and extension: put your head back to look at the ceiling. The final movement to assess is thoracic rotation. For this the patient should be sat on the edge of the bed to fix the pelvis then ask the patient to turn to each side.

    Back examination

    Ask the patient to lie flat on the bed. Perform a straight leg raise which assesses for nerve entrapment such as sciatica.

    On completion, allow the patient to dress, thank them for their time and wash your hands. Report your findings to the examiner. An extension to this station may be to perform an Upper Limb Neurological Examination or Lower Limb Neurological Examination if your findings suggest nerve entrapment from the cervical or lumbar spine. Spine Examination. Foreword Back pain is one of the most common presentations to Accident and Emergency and general practice. Procedure Steps. Step 01 Wash your hands and introduce yourself to the patient. Step 02 The patient should be standing.

    Examine patient from behind. Examine patient from the side. Step 03 Now feel the areas around the spine. Feel areas around the spine. Step 04 Movements of the spine are all performed actively. The first movements which are examined are: Lumbar flexion.

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    For example, say you tell the doctor, "I have pain that shoots down my right leg, and it starts in my low back. If I arch my back like this, it seems to get better. Physical Exam Basics In a physical exam of the spine, the doctor will look at your back and feel your spine.