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Like this: Like Loading Author: Katje Author. Do you mean Hot Dogs? Next Next post: Healing Hurts. Proteus soon found that his scheme for winning Silvia met with small success. He had already been false to Valentine, and now he intended to be false to Sir Thurio; but his treachery was likely to be of little avail.

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Silvia was far too good and true to be corrupted by his worthless gifts. When he protested his loyalty to her, she twitted him with his falsehood to his absent friend; when he praised her beauty, she bade him remember how he had been forsworn in breaking faith with Julia, whom he loved. But, notwithstanding all her rebuffs and rebukes, the more she spurned Proteus the greater grew his admiration [Pg 42] for her; and though he knew well how basely he was acting both to Valentine and Julia, he had not enough strength of mind to turn aside from the temptation.

This is the pretty song they sang:.

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Julia, on arriving at Milan, had made inquiries for her faithless lover, and the landlord of the house where she lodged had brought her to this spot to see the man for whom she had been inquiring. Proteus had sworn a thousand vows of love to her, and yet here he was plainly playing court to another lady! Poor Julia! My will is this: that you immediately go home to bed, you subtle, perjured, false, disloyal man! Do you think I am so shallow, so witless, as to be won by your flattery—you, who have deceived so many with your vows!

Return, return, and make amends to [Pg 44] your own lady. As for me, I swear by this moon that I am so far from granting your request that I despise you for your wrongful suit, and could chide myself even for the time I spend in talking to you. Are you not ashamed to wrong him with this persistency?

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For since you yourself are devoted elsewhere, I am but a shadow, and to your shadow will I give my love. And so, good rest!